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When We Eat is a prime manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada, producing frozen food items across various channels globally.  The core focus is frozen appetizers, snacks, desserts, and meal replacements.  Founder Jae Park, former CEO of Innofoods, passionately develops new foods and brings Asian-inspired concepts to North America. The company strives to make the words Innovative, Responsive, and Partner true to their original meanings.

Our sustainability policy rests on 5 pillars:

1. Ensuring high-quality frozen food products with long shelf-life to lower food waste.

(hit at least 12 months or more)

2. Reduce excessive packaging where we can.

(recent move from Carton and inside bag to just Bag for our Taiyaki line)

3. Use of higher efficiency manufacturing methods.

(recent installation of high-efficiency blast freezing instead of CO2 freezing)

4. Making as good or better Asian foods within North America to reduce

transoceanic carbon. footprint (Croffle, Taiyaki)

5. Developing compostable flexible packaging to minimize the use of inorganic materials.

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